Best Touch Typing Lessons For Kids

Touch typing lessons play a vital role in building a strong typing skill foundation for kids. Amazingly, it is proven that those kids who did not get proper typing lessons show less effectiveness and interest in typing in the adult age. The goal of typing lessons is three basic things: accuracy, discipline and speed. A child may have accuracy and discipline but lack of speed which is equally important. For kids, typing isn’t on the top of their favorite activities. So you as parents should ensure that typing lessons for kids are enjoyable for them and at the same time meet your expectations.

Learn the keyboard layout

Here is a list of typing lessons for kids to improve their typing speed

1. Try and error

The first step for parents who want their child to excel in typing is try and error step. There are so many typing tutors online but there is no harm for parents to try them first and choose the best one. Just check if the tutor offers enjoyable lessons for your child. You may select a lesson that suits your kids to help them learn faster. This is why it’s important to try out the tutor to determine if it is beneficial for your child.

2. Customize their keyboard

This may sound funny but it helps in improving speed. Looking at the keyboard while typing slows typing speed and accuracy. To solve the problem – just cover the keyboard with a paper in a way that a kid still can type but can’t see the keys.

3. Touch typing posture

You should make sure that your kids sit in the right posture while typing. If they slouch too much they will get fatigued and it will affect their typing speed. Buy an ergonomic chair so you can adjust it for their legs to lay 90% on the ground; their wrists should be at the same height as the keyboard.

4. Finger placement

Help your child to master the home row, how to place each finger on the right keys and how to move them in an easy and fast way. With the right finger placement they will type faster without “hunting and pecking“.

5. Typing games

Most of touch typing tutors have speed boosters such as games to improve typing speed. These games are tailored to help your kid to type faster. While playing typing games from time to time they will end up mastering typing techniques and become proficient typists. You as a parent can join the fun and play with your child to offer guidance where necessary and ensure he plays using the right touch typing techniques. Again, children are prone to losing interest fast. However, playing with you, he will find it more exciting.

6. Invest in a typing tutor

There are numerous typing tutors online where you can find the best one for your kids. These lessons will improve your kid’s typing speed and accuracy.

Some of the best tutors that offer excellent touch typing lessons for kids include:

These tutors have numerous games and tests to boost your kids typing speed. Almost all of them come with music, animation, bright colors and more attractive features to capture your kids’ interest towards learning. Follow the above tips and see your kid become a typing master!


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