5 Tips That Help to Pass a WPM Typing Test

Typing isn’t as simple as it may look to many of us. It requires to have great skills to do it effectively. This calls for a need for person to learn how to type and do WPM typing test to evaluate the level of the typing skills.

WPM typing test refers to the test that measures not only the typing speed per minute, but also the accuracy. The test helps you understand how many words you can type in a minute and the accuracy in typing the words exactly as they should be.

There are different sites where you can do the typing test and pass them effectively, for example:

The tests are crucial because they will help you gain the typing speed and accuracy needed in many jobs, make writing easier and minimize the strain in your fingers, hands and wrist as you type. Below are tips that you can use in order to pass a wpm typing test.

1. Do practice before the test

In order to pass on wpm typing test, for example at http://www.ratatype.com/typing-test/, practicing is very crucial. You can do the practice in different ways, for example, buying a book that has typing exercises or purchase a computer program that teaches how to type. Most of the programs contain time framed exercises you can practice at home. You can also develop your own practice test by picking a certain text, set up a timer and then start typing. This will help you understand your typing skills level before doing the real test and know where to improve.

2. Maintain the right body posture

Your sitting position while you do the test can determine whether you pass or not. Your feet should be grounded firmly and have your back well supported. The typing material needs to be at your eye level or where you can look at it quickly. The keyboard should be placed where your arms can reach it easily. The elbows also need to be supported during the typing process.

3. Place your finger correctly on the keyboard

Ensure that your fingers are placed correctly on the keyboard. The four fingers of each of your hands should rest on the home keys. Make sure that your fingers are curved well to allow maximum efficiency and reduce muscle strain during the typing process. In order to reach other keys such as punctuations marks and number keys ensure that your fingers are placed in two central corners. This will allow you to type different text without much strain.

4. Do not focus on errors

If you make mistakes while typing it is good to ignore it and move one with typing. This will help you save time as you type. You correct the errors after competing the typing of the given text.

5. Read the text closely as you do the typing

You should ensure that you capitalize all the words that begin in a sentence. Put all the punctuation marks where you find them on the typing page. If you find any word that you are not sure about, take time and ensure you type it in the correct way.

By following the above tips you are likely to pass the test by finishing the typing within the given time with high level of accuracy.


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