Average typing score: How to overcome the general results

Years ago, everyone learned to “touch type” in school on a typewriter. We only use computer keyboards now, and many people don’t have the skills to type quickly and efficiently without looking on the keyboard. They use the old “hunt and peck method” that slows down their progress and increasing the percentage of errors. Since abbreviations are common in most communications, accuracy is not valued as it once was. However, for those who write frequently, increasing typing speed is helpful in accomplishing more during the work day.

Average Typing Score Can be Improved

The average typing score on the keyboard is about 40 words per minute. This would render you as an average typist, but not more. Anything above was gravy on the turkey. A professional typist clocked in at above 60.

To determine your typing speed, a test can be taken for three minutes using a typical text with business language. The longer the test, the better the score as you get into a rhythm. The number of words per minute is not the only tally. The number of errors is the best indication of true skill and ability.

If you are found lacking, below the 30 plus words for an average score, you can enhance your scores with practice, using the standard finger placement invested decades ago at the advent of the first typewriter. It is a universal method that works well, far beyond any personal system.

With some effort, you can overcome a low typing speed and become proficient and productive.

average typing score


Source: Ratatype


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