5 skills your kid need to learn in 2014

Fortunately, if you have noticed that the system in which you existed would never remain really the same, you will agree that there are numerous skills to learn for your kid. However, the schools today are not keen to have noticed that there are some of the essential skills that kids need to learn in today’s world. Here are 5 sets of essential skills to learn for your kid in 2014.

Dealing with change

One of the most essential skills to learn for your kid learn as he grows up is to be adaptable to the changes around him. Dealing with change is a skill that is continuously leant at every stage of human life. As a parent, you can model this skill to your children at every opportunity. It will show them that change is a good thing and it should be embraced in a positive manner. Life is a journey to the unknown things sometimes can or cannot change to our favor and it is part of the excitement of life as a whole.

Solving problems

A child with the capacity of solving problems is in a position to do any job that comes his or her way. Something new can be intimidating to many individuals nevertheless it offers a problem that needs to be solved. Teach your kid some basic problem solving skills by modeling some simple problem solving skills. Solving all your kids’ problems will not help since it denies them the opportunity of developing problem solving capabilities. In instances where there is some effort of solving problems always, reward such efforts as a motivation factor.

Time and money management

Introducing your kids to time and management skills is essentials as they mature. It will enable them to make some independent financial decisions since they go hand in hand. Time management skills will shift their responsibility as a result morning battle will shift from their parents to their clock. It will encourage them to remain organized with schoolwork, daily responsibility, laundry and savings some of the basic chores in life.

Healthy habits

A family is the best setting for the formation of healthy habits. Always encourage your kids to exercise and practice good nutrition. Promote such habits through reminding your kids the basics of health and hygiene on a regular basis. Encourage your kids to get used to habits like nails clipping, using soap and sponge, regular changing of under garment and other things that require regular upkeep. Letting your kids lazy with hygiene habits is a catastrophe in the making. For this reason, it should not be allowed at any cost.

Touch typing

Given the presence of keyboard everywhere and the growing advancement in technology, touch typing is one of the most useful skills to learn for any kid be it at home or school. Touch-typing is a life skill in this day & age therefore; you can give your kid a head start. It should be started before they develop the habit of hunting and pecking which is difficult to unlearn before learning properly. Giving your kids key board familiarity must be accompanied with clear long-term goals before embarking on keyboard skills.


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