How to Learn Typing Quickly

It is commonplace to find people who are incredibly fast at typing which is extremely beneficial to them. If you feel as if you cannot type quickly, you should not feel discouraged, since learning how to type at a quicker pace can be fun, exciting and you will feel proud of your achievements.

How to learn typing quickly is a popular activity, and especially so for those who are still in school whereby needing to type essays and homework. However, typing skills do not just stop there, in almost all forms of work and training your typing skills will come into place.

Here are some great tips and tricks to learn how to type quickly. Although all work exceedingly well, it is important to find the one that you feel benefits you the best.

Use All Fingers

Most of the time people come into contact with a keyboard at a young age, and with that in mind we can fall into bad habits when using a keyboard that can last a lifetime. Being sure not to use only two index fingers can avoid being slow, therefore it is important to use all 10 fingers, and be sure to use the thumbs for the space bar.

Proper Positioning

Some people may not realize that where you place your hands is a key component of any good typist. Furthermore, placing your hands evenly across the keyboard with your wrists facing down will be comfortably for you. It is also vital to note that your posture is key in being comfortable to avoid any other health related issues. A proper chair is extremely important also.

Typing Exercises

Another great way to improve your own typing skills is to try your own or pre-formatted typing exercises, this way you can test your own accuracy and speed also. If you do decide that this method is for you be sure to keep track of your past results so you can track your performance and improvements.

General Practice

Practicing anything is worthwhile and this is completely true with typing. Getting a feel to the keyboard and developing your own typing rhythm will benefit you. Understanding what finger finds which key will enable you to touch type, keeping up speed and accuracy. Furthermore, knowing keyboard short cuts is also great.
It is vital that when you are learning how to type in general and when you want to learn how to type at a quicker rate that you take things slow. Do not expect to be typing fast within an hour of your first activity, but rather take things at a slower pace without rushing because then mistakes are prone to happen.

Typing can be an extremely fun experience, and with that in mind you should never feel rushed or embarrassed about how you type. Be sure to take a break if you feel you need to let your mind and also your hands rest. How to learn typing quickly can be considered an art, which can take some time and practice. Be sure to enjoy it!


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