3 Useful Tips on How to Measure Your Typing Speed

With the increased use of computers, typing speed has become a make or break addition to your resume. However, until this recent development, keeping tabs on how fast your typing speed is was useless unless you were a secretary. In current times, knowing the value of your typing speed can be the difference between you getting a job or not. The only question is, how can you be able to measure how fast you type?

Well, there are three ways that you can use to be able to get your words per minute.

Using online software

This is the most preferred method among users that have internet connection in their homes. All one has to do is log on to the internet and search the sea of software that have been put together to measure typing speed. Once this has been done, the software offers the user a random text that they are meant to type over a given amount of time. While this might be a relatively good way of getting an idea of how fast you type, there are some set-backs that involved with this method.

The first is that with every mistake that you make, you are penalized. This goes for corrected and non-corrected errors. As such you may double your typing time because you went back to correct an error that you will be penalized for anyway.

If you find taking online typing tests too tedious, why not settle for a more subtle yet equally helpful way of measuring your typing speed by playing a game. The internet offers a couple of free games that you can use to gauge how fast you type. This helps to take the nerves that one would have when doing the test and hence are able to perform better.

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Calculating your own Gross and Net WPM

If you don’t have an internet connection, you can use this method instead. The best thing is that this might be more accurate and also helps you gauge your accuracy as well. To get your gross words per minutes speed, all you have to do is take the number of words that you have typed and divide by five ( dividing by five is a standardization procedure since some words might be longer than others) and then dividing this by the amount of time. This gives you the gross typing speed which does not include the penalties for uncorrected errors.

For net WPM, you take the number of uncorrected errors and divide this by the time that it has taken you to type the text. After that has been done, you deduct the value from the gross speed.

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Using a countdown timer

If you are not looking for something as technical and simply want to know how fast you can type, you can use the countdown timer app method which is equally accurate as it is simple to use. Set the countdown timer at two minutes and select a text that would take you the same amount of time to type. Start the timer and type away. When the timer goes off, you stop typing. Using eh editing menu, you should find the number of words that you were able to type. Divide this number by two ( time taken) to get the gross speed and for net speed, simply count the errors and deduct them from the total number of words and divide the result by two again.

Be following this simple steps you should have a value that you can stand by on your resume. If you are not happy with the numbers, you can download tutorials that show you how you can be able to type faster and increase your speed.


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